Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Love Love Music Festivals

I love music...and especially live music...it brings solace to my very chaotic and out of control life. The opportunity to mix this with festivals and being part of the community brings me happiness and a sense of participation. One of the things that I like to get out of festivals and events like this is the feeling that there is peace out there...that humanity can get along...at least for that particular time. I have been lucky these past two months and have had the time and opportunity to make it to three events.

Jeanette won tickets from I Tunes and Apple to go to see Keith Urban at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival this year. For anyone who knows about big things like this...knows tickets are expensive and hard to get. Now I was not initially thrilled about seeing Keith Urban...but when I heard that Willie Nelson was opening...I was thrilled.

 I caught one of the bandannas that Willie threw into the crowd. It was fun and got past around to many for photo op moments. Jeanette is now the proud owner of this bandanna.

For a old wrinkly man...he can sure put on a show.

Then there was this great looking guy...up oh so close to us. I had never heard anything by him prior to this evening. To my dismay...his performance rates up at one of the best I have seen...and I have seen a lot...{who would have thought this}

Two crazy women having a good time in Austin!

The Final Four basketball tournament was in Dallas this year (not sure if this is always the case). Regardless, the city of Dallas went all out and held a three day out door free concert series. Charles and I went down to Dallas early to enjoy some man food from the food trucks at a park. 

Waiting to see the Killers perform.

Crazy Texas weather....severe storms decided to make an attempt at crashing everyone's fun...
did not quite work.

This past Saturday, Kaitlin and I headed out to Edge Fest 24. This was a second time going and a tradition I hope we continue next year. It was a challenge getting there this time...we went a different way and the GPS had a mind of its own...then car accidents on the freeway and ...well we missed the first band that we both wanted to see. However, we enjoyed the chaos of a day outdoors...with thousands of people...enjoyed the weather and saw another six or so bands.

Love this girl...and we had the hair trend right...braids were sported by many.

Kaitlin says I have a way of making friends everywhere I go...ha ha...
we were "photo bombed" by these goofy guys that were next to us for an hour

These adventures have been a nice fun break between, work, school and some life stresses that have decided to make an appearance. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fitting in Fun During the Chaos of School

School is exhausting, far more time consuming and definitely more challenging than I had been prepared for. I have discovered how much more I am valuing play time. Far too easily I get the cooped up feeling...aching for the outdoors or new adventures. The weather has been mostly cold for the past two months...and spring fever is creeping in....{BAD}

A walk around Montgomery Plaza and 7th Street
 Valentine making in the rec room here at my apartment complex

  Dressing up for a friends 80's themed 40th birthday party
Another great bike ride (in Coppell) this past Saturday on a rare winter 75 degree day. 
It was a fabulous park and bike trail...and near the playground was a pay phone...didn't know they still existed.

Another Birthday

Another birthday has come and gone...wow...43 I am. I was totally spoiled this year. I had lunch with a great bunch of girlfriends at Fuzzy's...mini bundtinnis from the boyfriend and treated to dinner by my awesome kiddo. I received lots of great gifts...but the best gifts that I received were from the presence of those close to me and the thoughts of those a little too far.

Yes, I sported around the tiara I was given for my 40th

A nice looking picture with Nathaniel

I am looking forward to what another year will bring.

Friday, February 14, 2014


For every decision in life...there is a reward or consequence. Some produce happiness....while others end in sorrow. Smiles can occur, along with pools of tears. The question to ponder is when is it okay to forgive others and more importantly to forgive oneself? Until forgiveness occurs, a happy and content life can not occur. It is okay to reflect upon one's life and be able to recognize that there may have been a lot of good; also to come to terms with the mistakes that were made. To reconcile that sometimes, those things that needed to be important, were just overlooked. But regardless of the events and outcomes, we need to find a way to forgive (in whichever regard the forgiveness needs to be) and move on to create a happy and new beginning.... To be able to wake up one day and know that it is alright to move forward with your life. New experiences can only come when the positive energy starts to flow. Look back with minimal regrets, take the lessons learned and cherish what life will bring.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Crazy Busy Life

School has officially started...well on the 13th that is. Week three (out of a 5 week course) is in full motion. Somehow I have managed to survive thus far. Accelerated program...that is an understatement. SO MUCH to learn....sigh. Life now, consists of, research, writing, APA format  and the ED job. I am so lucky that the boyfriend is totally supportive {SMILE}. This man genuinely wants me to succeed. He has provided assistance and gave up much of his free time to just be with me as I have had to stay dedicated to the books and computer.
This past Sunday was a dream...all the assignments had been completed. We deemed it No School Work Day. We attempted to go to church without success...this is a discussion for another post...leaving us with some R&R time. The weather was lovely and in the 70's. The outdoors were calling us, therefore the bicycles came out for a second time. Boyfriend loaded up the bikes and we found a park to explore. We combined a nice ride with a little geocaching...which is a new adventure that I am totally enjoying.

Have I said how smitten I am with this man...

Monday, January 13, 2014

Oh the Crazy weather

If you live in the south...you must learn to love the drastic changes the weather brings. Last week we were bundled in coats, scarves and beanies...with the temps in the 30's.
Yesterday...it was a lovely spring like day in the mid 70's.
The weather was too tempting to stay in doors all day.

Charles and I had been wanting to get out on the bikes we recently brought to my place...
we were figuring that our first ride would be all bundled up. Not this day...after leaving church early...we hopped on and went exploring.
There is a park not too far from my apartment. There we discovered a path that went along the side of a riverbed. There was a nice area near the water to relax. Charles was skipping rocks...I on the other hand need to relearn this talent. This park has to be gorgeous in the spring and summer when the trees are full with shade.
But as I look at the weather prediction for the rest of the week...it looks as we will be back with the cold soon.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Meeting the Kiddos

Dating in the divorced grown up world is always full of different challenges. Things that you never think of when in your youth and a little naïve...are now apart of the picture. I have dated a few men over the past two years... some that had kids and some that did not. It was never anything that I needed to really consider as these relationships were more casual.
I have been dating Charles since August and he is crazy enough to continue our dating relationship. Which meant eventually we would meet eachothers kids.
He met Nathaniel pretty early on and has actually been around him quite a bit. I think it is a tad easier when your kiddo is a young adult.
However, I believe the younger they are, the more they should be protected. This was fairly easy for us to follow...as Charles' girls live out of state.
But as the holidays approached and they would be coming for a visit...it became my turn to meet the girls.

 on a walk with the girls and them snapping a photo of two goofy grown ups
Charles decided that we would go to his parents ranch when the girls came down. I decided to drive on my own and meet them there...in case it went bad...and I had to make a quick exit...haha.
I was quite comfortable at the first meeting...as his parents were there...and I had already met them.
Plus, I think the girls were a lot more comfortable.
Thank goodness for a man who thought ahead!

 A bit of goofiness when we were supposed to be working at his moms store
Charles had volunteered us to work his moms store on Saturday morning. It is in a small town and I wonder if they really get any business. However, it was quite fun. We busted out the music on a phone and started showing off our dancing and singing {or lack of singing} skills. The girls were able to start to relax with me {phew} 
 Santa brought the girls tickets to ICE and I was invited to go
Charles knows how to let girls bond....
watching them just dig into a pie
who needs a plate
The girls flight got cancelled and they were here for another day and half. I was quite happy. After I got home from work...we spent the evening eating and dancing.
 and of course...taking a few more pictures
We ended the last evening on a walk around my complex. I could not resist taking a picture of Charles with his two sweet young girls.